Tuesday, January 25, 2011

★Chop Chop Chop★

GOODBYE, FAREWELL TO MY LONG DEAD HAIR!!! it has finally been cut! and all dead ends are gone! Im amazed a male cut my hair this time and it actually turned out pretty good. He also remembers me from the time i came in with my boyfriend, which was beginning last year!! another shocker is that he is connected to my sister's boyfriend. hahaha so weird, when you know that your connected to someone somehow. *shivers* We kept talking and everything and i thought he was japanese, but he was Chinese. Then he said he thought i was Japanese O_O! i'll take that as a compliment! hehehe anyway, im going to leave the dying my hair...i knoooow i was so looking forward to it!!! but cause my hair is thin and i dont want my hair to drop off, sooooooooo i'll give it some extra time. I went and had dinner with my mumma and little brother at sushi train. I think my stomach is going to burst. Literally i think i overdid the eating. >_<" but it was so goooooood!

and here is the pictures of my new laptop! TA-DA!!!
The cover
The inside! check out the rilakkuma background! *love*

Monday, January 24, 2011

★Big Night Out★

before i headed out for a big night out! i wanted to curl my hair, but didnt have enough time (T_T)

 hello everyone! im back! (^_^) well on saturday night i had a massive night out, when i mean massive, i mean it was an epic night out!!!!!!!!! and i met my friends boyfriend for the first time. They are so adorable together. Gotta love them. naaaw. Well we had pre-drinks at my friends boyfriends house and already started drinking before we got there. I must say, that drinking is not good for you and seriously does not make you look charming or cool at all, BUT!!! it certainly gives off a happy vibe and makes you feel more happy and talkative! (and ive never gotten so drunk i puked *touch wood*, i don't intend to because that does not look like a pretty picture at all!) and that is exactly what happened. i was extremely happy. So many laughing memories and most likely bad photos hahaha. After the pre-drinks we headed out to 3 clubs, then i went home. I lost the back lid of my awesome pink Sharp phone my bf got me on our Official day. I was so upset :( couldnt stop thinking about it, i also happened to lost my camera, but luckily found out that my friend has it. Thank heavens! this just shows i need to invest in another bag that can actually carry my camera and phone. I only have little pouch bags that can only carry money and my keys, not a very smart idea. hahaha but overall it was a major great night. I'll upload photos another time, since camera is obviously with my friend.

Navy blue dress
The dress and shirt together

Its a lacey kinda top with glittery gold thread

Also got myself some sunscreen!

Ive also started my two year anniversary present for my boyfriend! i know its still early, but i cant help it! im making a scrap book album for him. im starting on it about 3 weeks early! i'll post pictures up of the finished product once im done.

Winnie the pooh scrap book with stickers inside and it came in a yellow box
Pop jelly peach flavour is the best! giving me lots of sugary energy!

The winnie the pooh scrapbook album, really nice shiny paper and some gold and silver glitter stickers!

 MY FAVOURITE MV !!!!!!!!!!!!
really recommend everyone to watch it!! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

★Avene Prettia★

Today i had my alarm at 11am so that i would get to the city around 12.30pm, BUT! i slept in (-.-") i fail at waking up when my alarm goes off...well only when its not important event for me to wake up that early. Well anyway! i didnt even get out to the city until 2.30pm-ish and it was super hot. 36 degrees celcius and i was already dehydrating like crazy. My mission today was to get my wireless mouse and anti-virus package. Yes i did get it! thank heavens, the mouse doesnt look very pretty (T_T) its just plain black with silver lining...so...im thinking i should pimp it up and make it look all pretty? yes? hehehe i'll think about it.

It was in the Japanese CUTiE magazine and many others aswell

Avene Thermal Spring Water

Avene Cleanance Gel cleanser

after getting my package i walked around and remembered i really wanted to try the Avene Thermal spring water spray. Ive seen it quite a number of times in the japanese magazines so i was like, ooooo definetely going to try it (^_^) so i bought that and the face cleanser. Havent tried it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, but when i do. i'll share my thoughts on it. Ive tried Pro-activ, it didnt really work. So imma try this avene stuff \(^o^)/ im hoping it will be a great product that will not fail. Ive tried so many but they all seem to not work. *sad face*

Prettia Hairdye Box

I hope my colour turns out like the first one


i headed off to Chinatown and checked out the kawaii store. The prices are extremely overpriced compared to online, but i bought the hair dye anyway. Was going to buy cosmetics, but yeah...overpriced compared to online. I chose Prettia, since there wasn't any Palty colours that i wanted. Well there is, but i honestly dont know what colour my hair will turn out if its a blackish dark brown. So Prettia was the way to go. I seriously hope it turns out good. still gotta get my haircut. ahhhhhhh freaking out cause im scared the hairdressers here will cut my hair crappy and extremely short (>_<") i'll go cut it errr...by end of next week for sure. Im also worried about my University course! cause for some stupid scary reason i cant make my timetable and choose the classes i want to get into. I thought maybe its not time to enrol into the classes yet, but then my friend told me you can...i frrrrrrrrreaaaakkkkeeed out!! so first thing tomorrow! heading off to university and getting this stuff sorted out! before its too late and i have no classes (T_T)

Gloomy Bear phone charm! i got a purple one and my boyfriend has the black one.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

★First Driving Lesson★

I had my first driving lesson today! i was really nervous at first, but then i was alright. I still need to get use to driving on the main road because ive just been practicing in the supermarket car parks haha

anyway! some new things ive got! magazines and some curry!


Yummy Pudding, reminds me of GIGA PUDDING! the commercial is so adorable and catchy.

I also got my new laptop...ok dont remember if ive mentioned it earlier...i probably have..oh well! hahaha well ive got the laptop for couple days now annnnnnnnnnd! i love it so much! well me comparing to my small miniature HP notebook it is majorly different. So ive taken a few snaps with my boyfriend. It's in the dark so...quality is not very good. Ok im definetley sure i will get a hair cut next week, because im starting to get annoyed with long hair and my fringe is growing out in a retarded way. So better get cracking at how ill cut my hair. PEW!

bye for now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

★Work, Work, Work!★

This week i was able to work a lot! which is great for the money, so i can pay for my driving lessons and for my trip to China. The only bad thing is that my social life isn't that great, but i still manage to go out.

Oh by the way, i bought a new blush, its BYS pink. I saw it a really cheap store and remembered i saw it in the japanese magazines! im pretty amazed how cheap it is. its Australia $4.

Yesterday, my boyfriend helped me buy a new laptop! i haven't really tried it out yet because my boyfriend has it. He still needs to install some other things on there. It was also our 23months together! woo hoo!! i really wanted a matte pink one, but that would have been the old version, so i decided to get the white coloured Sony VAIO. I paid for half for the laptop and so did my boyfriend. So its pretty much 'our' laptop :). Later we both had korean food and both headed different directions to work. Later that night i went out with couple of my friends to catch up. It was great! cause i never really hanged out with them in our last year of high school. Everyone was off doing their own thing, but im glad we were able to talk again.

Yummy Korean food on a really cute cow hot plate

My sister got me this headband!
It's to keep the hair off your face when ur cleansing or whatever.
i love it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

★Summer Rain★

It's summer in Australia, but the weather is extremely weird! it's been raining a lot this summer, which means humid weather! eeeeeeew (╯3╰) i dont like feeling sticky and hot. I also pray for those in Queensland who are experiencing a lot of flooding. Watching the news and seeing so many stranded...I really hope the weather gets a lot better.

I went out today with my boyfriend to the city to check out my new laptop aswell. I wanted to get the Sony Vaio, but unfortunately they didnt have matte pink and if they did it was an old version of the laptop. So i ordered a white coloured one. My boyfriend said if i didnt like it i could always decorate it or find some sort of cover. I'll be getting it tomorrow before i head off to work. Later in the afternoon, we went to eat at 'Fortune Duck' the place is actually really nice and i think its quite cheap considering its a restaurant and the food is quite filling. We then went and bought some snacks and drinks. I cant believe i wore thongs aswell, haha! it was raining..so not a very good choice.

Ive also booked my driving lesson for next wednesday! going to experience my first driving lesson. So wish me goodluck cause im feeling quite nervous.~~(╯﹏╰)b
Sorry if there isnt a lot of photos of my myself, i just never seem to take good photos ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

Anyway, my boyfriend lost his wallet and we both had matching ones. His is lost, mine is all broken. Then i came across my old wallet which i won when i was little in 2002, yes quite a while ago! anyway, it is extremely cute! its a snoopy wallet! (*^◎^*) and i love it! nice and spacious. For some odd reason, my wallets tend to be fat hahaha. then when i clean out my wallet i find so many receipts. (+_+)

haha check out the crappy quality of my laptop now

Im also planning on dying my hair before Asian New Years. I dont tend to go very light cause i know it wont suite me, so ill probably just go a brown. I'll hunt down a hair dye and post it up sometime soon!

Friday, January 7, 2011

★New Year, New Start★

Sorry i havent been blogging lately, my laptop has had some problems and ive been busy! so im wishing everyone a belated Christmas and New Years! So im going to briefly as possible tell everyone whats been happening. First off, i will be going off to the Gold Coast and Brisbane sometime in February!! which makes me so excited! and i'll probably be getting a new laptop...im hoping i will soon. I still havent gotten my haircut either. Its so long, but everyone is telling me to keep it. So i'll probably keep it long, for now. Ive also bought new pair of sandals! they're so cute and were quite cheap cause of the massive sales going on!

My sister will also come back from her overseas trip soon!  its been real quiet without her here. Hopefully ill be going to China end of this year sometime or even next year for Asian New Years. So i better start saving! I dont really like the job i have now either, so i need to find another one. Im getting bored of it already and its been less then 6 months, amazing. hahaha Ive also finished watching a Japanese Drama called 'Otomen' It is extremely good i must say and i recommend everyone to watch it! its definitely not a disappointing drama to watch! Ive also been out catching up with friends. We went out to karaoke bar and then have some desserts. I had this amazing banana waffle, so yummy! then after a couple of days later i went out to the beach. The weather was perfect, the water was nice and it was so relaxing.

Actually i should be learning how to drive. Ive promised my oldest sister i'll get my drivers license by Asian New Years this year which i think should be on the 3rd of February. In order for me to get my license i need to do at least 75 hours of driving, which sucks! because i need to do that in less than a month. I havent even booked an instructor. *sigh* wish me goodluck (-.-")