Tuesday, January 17, 2012


WOW! it has been about 6 months since i've blogged, i am so sorry everyone! there has been so much happening hence why i haven't been around~ anyway, hope everyone's Christmas and New Years has started off well!!! may all your wishes and dreams come true (^_^) Don't forget Chinese New Years is coming soon as well!! So far i have become an Auntie!!! my older sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Evelyn and she is so gorgeous. Nearly 1 month old soon, no fear, i have already bought her some cute goodies :)

I've also got 2 contact lenses. Ive only worn one, Its the Neo Dali Brown...i think thats what it's called. I bought them from http://eyecandylens.com/  . . . The contact lenses did take a while to receive. I think it took my sister and i about 3-4weeks, which is pretty much about 1 month wait. It didn't bother me since it was my first pair of contact lenses and i could wait for them!~~ and it was worth the wait :) i love them! At first it was quite difficult to put them in your eyes, but gradually you will get use to them. Sometimes they can be a bit dry, but thats when eye drops come in handy! They are so natural and gives ur eye a little oomph! making your eyes look bigger, NATURALLY. It seriously is awesome! i'm hoping to get different color ones, but im still thinking about it.

Packaging, with contact case
contact lenses bottle

the Neo Dali Brown lense
the difference: left side=normal, right side = lense
with lense

I'll be going to China next month so shopping will be amazing! i have no idea if i can take photos since i can't find my camera charger :( but hopefully i'll take somme webcam shots of what i've got when i come back!!! im so excited!!!

But before i come back i will have to hang out with all my friends since i will be gone overseas for about 1 month!  My friend Shungo from Japan will back as well!!! Yay~~ so i can finally catch up with him as well!

i have so much more to post up, but i will save that for another time!
take care everyone~~~