Monday, August 15, 2011

★lesson learnt★

Hey everyone!!!

yes it has been an extremely long time since i've posted because my camera broke...i accidently sat on it when the camera was on and its lens were out =_=" yeap real smart of me. Anyway, nothing much has happened. Just that University has started again and I've ran out of my BB cream... oh yeah... forgot to post about the BB cream i tried out. So i'll just do a little rant about it now, since i don't think it'll be long.

The BB cream i used was called Skin 79 Super Blemish Balm Triple Function. It says it has a whitening effect and covers and makes the skin all nice. To be honest it really didn't cover much of my flaws and it only makes your skin white when you apply it, then later your skin just looks bleh after taking it off, but on the other hand it didn't make me break out at all. So i guess its alright. I'm always afraid when i use foundation or BB creams it'll make me break out, since i have acne prone skin (oh how i envy those with goddess skin). I want to try Shu Umera Architecture foundation...(i think that's what it's called) >_<"  apparently it's really good and doesn't make you break out, plus there's plenty of colors for different skin tones, especially asian skin! THANK GOD! i find it hard to look for foundation and all that stuff for my skin cause its asian skin and its a tad yellower brown. Now im trying the Covergirl natural look. I'll use it for a while and see how my skin goes, if its a no go, then ill try Shu Umera.

I also bought the DejaVu Fiberwig Mascara and loving it! still havent really tried the Moist Labo Mineral powder yet, but hopefully i will and it goes well >_<"

So i made a goal to not go out when University starts, 3 weeks in it was all good, didn't even go out clubbing or anything for my birthday and.........IT FAILED! the consequences? a fat swollen ankle! BUT! it was super fun!!! and glad to catch up with my friends again. and yes lesson learnt. STICK TO YOUR GOAL!

I've just recently gotten a pair of contact lenses as a birthday present from my sister! and it'll be the first time ever to wear contacts! so im pretty excited! but i've got no occasion to wear them cause im stuck at home from my swollen ankle. So my next post is going to be about my new contact lenses! and i'll post some pictures up in the next post of my presents. WOOOOOO ^_^

I also made my first Omurice! well its kind of like Omurice, but without the rice..hahaha i couldn't be bothered cooking rice and waiting for it to boil, so i just had mixed veggies instead. It was still really nice tho! TA-DA! i'm actually amazed at the shape cause i cooked it in a pot not a pan hahaha anyway shall finish my post off with more COOPER!!

look at him staring at me >:] but i can't help but not be scared cause he's adorable!
Attempting to jump off the bed! and say hello to my awesome PJ pants!

hahaha! BAM! ugly snap of my swollen ankle, btw i don't know how to work my new camera, so bare with me.

See you all again soon!