Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey everyone!!! Guess what!? im finally bought a new phone. I thought of getting a new phone for quite some time now, but didnt know when i would get one...and finally i have! my boyfriend and i contemplated on whether to get the Samsung Galaxy S2 or Iphone 4S. Everyone's been saying Samsung is better, however i think they're both quite the same :) Anyway i am so happy with it! sooo many applications and i have just been hooked on so many games! my boyfriend will be getting an Iphone 4S soon too! so im trying to look for a matching case, but since he will be getting it later i decided to get a cute Chopper (One Piece Character) case. Its so adorable!!!

I've also been dining out a lot and since my Iphone is with me always, ive been snapping pics and editing them! Its just amazing compared to my old Sharp phone!
sister & i

mumma bear :)
dinner made for my boyfriend <3