Friday, April 29, 2011

★Happy Be-lated Easter★

Happy belated Easter everyone!!!

On that Easter weekend my sister who lives in another city and came to visit us with her husband and friend. It was real fun! we hanged out all weekend and i talked a lot to my sisters friend Jayden cause it was his first time here. We pretty much showed each other all the awesome videos on youtube and laughed all weekend. I went out clubbing with my sister, her husband and Jayden. It was really fun! although the clubs werent the best places i would go to. Cause everyone in there knew everyone and yeah it was just weird. hahaha. We moved onto another club and i met a friend i havent seen in a long time! He lost his friends, so we hanged out together with his brother as well. Pretty tiring night since we went out till about 4am. Then about Sunday or Monday i went to the Winery and took Cooper as well. So many people love him cause he is adorable, but they dont know what he's like at home. He is a little rascal! but i still love him hahaha I bought this lovely sweet wine for my boyfriends family. Just right for the ladies (^_^) It was quite sad my sister and everyone had to leave, cause it was actually one of the first time i hanged out with my sister a lot and had an actual conversation with her. Next time i'll make sure to go visit her!

Anyway, thats what happened last weekend.

close up shot of my outfit today! i love mickey mouse shirts! ♥♥♥

full body shot.

mickey mouse 1

mickey mouse 2

face shot! >_<"

Today i did all the house chores and went to the city. I had to buy my outfit for tomorrow because its my friends birthday party and her theme is semi-formal, dressed in the colour, black, white or red. I chose a black dress because i don't think i would match red or white. And i bought some earring and new make up stuff. There was a new maybelline lip balm that came out! and i just had to buy it cause i love the packaging and it actually smells really nice! I also have no idea how im going to get to my friends birthday, so hopefully all will be well tomorrow and i actually end up going, if not then...waste of a dress and accessories. I'll just have to make my boyfriend take me out on a dinner date cause we've never dressed up to go eat. lol
My earring i bought today. I bought so many in one cause i have a lot of piercings on my ear. I havent placed any earrings in the holes for a while and i don't want them to close up! so hope they arent closed >_<"

eco friendly!

my cute little mirror in hot pink ^_^

fluffy cooper! stretching out

He looks adorable here!! so much like a teddy bear and unreal hahaha thats what my sister said.

I'll end my post here. Hopefully i'll be able to take some photos tomorrow and not look like crap cause i don't have enough time to get ready! but we'll see how things go.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

★Shoe Shopping★

hello everyone! today i went shopping with my friends from high school and i ended up buying three pairs of shoes! no clothes, just shoes ~~o(>_<)o ~~ which is amazing, cause i thought i would buy clothes and i really wanted to, but couldnt find anything i liked.

outfit of the day with bag

without bag

I also bumped into an old friend! his name is Benny and i haven't seen him in years! he is a really nice fella. I met him back then when i attended Chinese school and later we both stopped and he moved to Japan for a while. So it was quite surprising to see him today, he was really happy and seem to have life going for him. (*^__^*) Then we parted ways and i continued shopping. We shopped for almost 6 hours in a shopping mall. I seriously don't know what we did cause we didn't go into many stores, but oh well it was fun!

i love these boots! (*^◎^*)
gotta love tsubasa's style O(∩_∩)O~
hehe with my new boots!
these were the wedges i was thinking about buying or not...but i ended up getting them anyway >_<"

on me foot

my ballerina flats with cute bows

i was contemplating on whether to buy the shoes or not and decided to just get them, cause usually when i don't buy the stuff, later on i might regret it OR i go back and get them and my size isn't there even though the price is cheaper ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ i bought a pair of boots, wedges and flats. Guess how much all was....$70 altogether! quite amazing actually cause usually regular shoes would be at $70 anyway, but i bought 3 pairs! so im quite happy ~\(≧▽≦)/~ hopefully i have a chance to wear them out. Since i dont really go out much these days, my shoes make me want to! i also try not to get high heels anymore cause then i don't get a chance to wear them unless i go out at night...which is quite rare. So im 'trying' to buy low heels that i can wear in the daytime without causing too much attention. Wearing heels where i am, just tends to cause a lot of attention and people tend to stare a lot. Its quite a low down dress code here, which is quite sad.

dinner time!

and dessert! yummmmm

Anyway, im staying at my boyfriends place at the moment and my little brother slept over for 2 nights. We went to the closest market and bought our ingredients! sorry i dont remember what they were called, but anyway it was really nice! cooking skills need to be improved, and it is actually quite fun to cook, just the cleaning up part is ( ⊙ o ⊙ )!also ive just noticed Cooper is getting big quite fast and he is so active! he runs everywhere and is so hypo! he is teething at the moment so he bites everything, when i mean everything, i mean it. its scary /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ i really need to get him to puppy school as soon as possible!

take 1 with Cooper

take 2 with Cooper

take 3 falling asleep

take 4 finally asleep

Monday, April 18, 2011

★Holiday outting★

Today was the first holiday outting i've had for the term break. 1 week of holiday has already past and this is my last week. So sad, cause i really can't be bothered doing my homework, but i have to force myself to do it at some point..........maybe tomorrow.

My boyfriend is also overseas at the moment, so i won't be seeing him for 4 weeks, which is pretty much 1 month! but since he left last week, only 3 more weeks to go! >_<" I've also got great news that my oldest sister who recently got married last year is now 6 weeks pregnant! im so happy, but it'll be weird cause im going to be an auntie, not that it's a bad thing cause i love children, but wow! Auntie Rebecca >_<"

what i wore today, its Autumn in Australia so i'll be wearing a lot more warmer clothes. ^_^"
the pretty necklace i got for only $2!, such a great bargain!

Anyway, today i went on my first holiday outting, I went to watch Sucker Punch and The Mechanic. Sucker Punch was alright, at first i didnt really get what was going on until the very end, but it was still kind of confusing. Graphics and fights scenes were pretty good. The Mechanic was good, be aware! there are sex scenes hahaha i know im still a little eerie on the sex scenes and feels awkward, but hey it was the first time the ticket lady didn't ask for my ID so im assuming i look my age? lol I also tried my first Indian Food today, i know how amazing, ive never tried Indian Food. It was really nice! i loved it! i shared a meal with my vegetarian friend, cause we were both full from the snacks we had while watching the movie. I dont know what the name of the food was called, since i didnt decide and i didnt know what to eat, but holy moly! thank my friends for taking me to Indian Food. Seriously, i cant believe ive never had it before! oh by the way, i tried my hello kitty lollies! they taste like yoghurt. it was alright, i only liked the strawberry flavours.

Front of the box

lollies inside!

my favourite flavour ^_^

urgghhhh still can't be bothered doing my homework! ill probably need to force myself to do my homework now. so i dont need to worry about it later. I'll blog again soon! hopefully >_<" i'll finish of today's post with Cooper!

after his bath, all nice and fluffy!
his attempt to crawl through a gap and go under the bed, but i covered it up! hehe

getting stuck and feeling sad >_<

giving up, and falling asleep in the gap =.="

Sunday, April 3, 2011

★Home Sweet Home★

Cooper has finally felt like part of the family, he's more active than when we first brought him home and his teeth are growing, so he has been munching on everything! even my toes! its quite adorable when im just sitting down playing on the laptop then........CHOMP! Cooper starts biting my toes. I know its not good for him, but im teaching him not to bite people, strictly toys only. (>_<") its so difficult to potty train him as well, but patience is a virtue and i shall continue to strive and teach him how to pee and poop one area!

So anyway, recently i havent been feeling well, which totally sucks because its the week where all my work is due, therefore, late nights of homeworking! and i havent had a good decent night sleep because Cooper wakes up in the middle of the night and yelps. I'll definitely need to suffer for an extra week than term break. Ive also gotten a Palgantong powder, ive seen it recently in magazines and apparently korean and japanese movie stars use it. Haven't tried it, but i hope to soon. I also got an Anna Sui lip gloss from my boyfriends sister as a present when they went to China, the colour and smell it great. It smells like roses and it seriously is glossy. Im actually really liking it!, there is also a new maybelline lip balm, which im keen to try out. Since Winter is coming and my lips will definitely get dry.