Sunday, July 3, 2011

★the crazy holidays begin★

Hello everyone!~ yes it has felt like forever since i have blogged, but i have my reasons (^_^) University work was my top priority! and i had so much assignments and an exam to study for, but since that is over......for now......i am free to relax and go nuts cause im on holidays! well......not really go nuts since i still have to work as well, booooo. Anyway, re-cap on whats has happened recently...NOTHING! jokes, my boyfriend is back from China.....ok i don't know if i've already mentioned it in my other post, but yes. my boyfriend is back from China! and it's really really really nice to have him back. We went to watch Hangover 2 and go out and eat together every week. it's been great (^_^)

outfit for my friends birthday party
was trying to go for this look for friends party

birthday girl on the top right :)
my boyfriend and i

best girlies drinking at my place on Friday

silly face :P

random shot taken by my friend on wednesday

best girlies i know since year 2

So, last week was majorly hectic cause i had to go out with my friends on Wednesday, since i haven't seen them for about 2 or 3 months, then i was suppose to meet up with my friends on thursday, but i felt so sick from the night that i couldn't go. I felt so bad, i have to make it up to them sometime this week. Friday i had work, then i had to quickly get home and get ready cause i had to go out with another group of friends from high school, gosh was it crazy! and i had work the next day.......but had to call in sick.......yes, bad girl. I can't believe all these friendship meet ups were on, on the same week! and i couldn't bail out cause they organized it for quite sometime. Then yesterday, i had a friends birthday party to go to. It was so fun! honestly, i haven't had this much fun ever since university terms begin. So this is my time to relax and have fun i guess. maybe i just need to stay down low for the time, since my body really can't take another crazy night out at the moment. it is killing me!

lol and since it has been killing me, i have allowed myself to get hooked onto another drama. yes, another drama! this time im not watching a Japanese one, im watching a Korean one. It's called 'My Princess' and its awesome! i think most drama stories end up having this love triangle thing, but it's just so addictive and i love it! i still have a heart and mind of a child. Seriously, yes, dramas sometimes are corny, but come on! don't you agree they're great to watch! hahahaha

Cooper leaning on the front seat in the car!


Cooper meets Cooper

found him sleeping under my chair after a long day making friends

And now i'll end my kind of quick post with Cooper's day out! I went to a dog park, with a friend and his dog named Marco. very adorable shall i say hehe and Marco and Cooper became really good friends, they were together most of the time and had each others back. Cooper met another Cooper at the dog park as well! it was real cute. I'll probably need to take Cooper to the dog park again with my boyfriend so he can see how many cute doggies there are!

cute photo my sister boyfriend took of Cooper