Tuesday, February 22, 2011

★ Happy Valentine ★


sorry for the lateness, ive been pretty busy lately with work! i can't believe ive worked all last week 6 days a week is so damn tiring! i salute all those who work so much! by the way, im really frustrated because for some reason my mobile keeps terminating every time i try to send some photos to my laptop, so i can upload them onto my blog! its been a pain in the bum, so unfortunately no photos ╭(╯3╰)╮...but i'll just put random photos up! so at least it won't be that boring ^_^

cakes from my Melbourne trip beginning last year

Anyway, how was everyones Valentines day? I must say this year's Valentines day was much better than last year. Last year it was Valentines day, Asian New Years and My anniversary with my boyfriend, yes all 3 special dates on that one day (>_<") it wasn't even that great i must admitt, but this year it was just Valentines day and i got to celebrate it with my boyfriend. I finished the scrapbook and bought him a watch, t-shirt and jacket...i forgot to take photos for the blog...(-.-") so i'll take some ninja snaps next time im at my boyfriends house. I was really excited so i gave him the present about ... couple days early...i seriously couldnt wait! so i made him open one up everyday (^o^)

no make up me and boyfriend testing out the webcam >_<

So on Valentines day i helped him work in the morning at his shop, then we went to have dinner and dessert together. We both had this massive steak and two nice yummy drinks. Although i thought one was diluted with alcohol too much (@_@) but over all it was yummy, then later we went to this dessert place and i had sticky date pudding with icecream and my boyfriend had some chinese jelly thing. My boyfriend bought me so many snacks aswell!!!! i dont have a favourite because i think they're all awesome! the Meltykiss was my top priorty of trying! and it was real nice, the green tea and chocolate mixed so well together mmmmmmm, but the chocolate didnt come out a square shape...it came out retarded cause we left it in the car and it was hot....so it mutated (>_<) but the taste was still great! im hoping the little asian grocery store will get more awesome snacks. Seriously cant wait for my next snack mission!

the box of chocolate
 The green tea meltykiss commercial

As you may have noticed ive changed my blog! but i still need to change my blog header. I'll get onto that asap...i hope >_<

Monday, February 7, 2011

★Happy Asian New Years!★

Couple days ago, before Asian New Years i bought some new items! I know im suppose to be saving for my trip to China end of this year, buuuuuuuuuut i cant be extremely tight >_<" I went into the clothes store and saw this really nice white kinda dress thingo. hahaha im not very good with my fashion words or whatever. So anyway, it was really pretty and i decided i should buy it. I had a couple of doubts, but i thought to myself. What if i regret buying it later on? and i cant wait for the price of the item to go down because when it goes down my size won't be there anymore or it'll be torn or dirty...i had lots of thoughts!...So i just ended up getting the white dress. Then i thought the same thing with my denim shirt!!! but decided it was a reasonable price since i went into other stores and it was way more expensive. I even got a bargain with the two singlet tops! so cheap ^_^

the white dress

up close with the dress

denim shirt

the 2 singlet tops

So far, work as been alright. i'll be working everyday this week, so im hoping i wont spend it and actually save it! i should have some sort of reminder in my room or somewhere so that i wont spend. hahaha Im just hoping they'll give me more hours or days to work so that i'll be busy with work and university and wont have time to go out and spend. well...i just hope its not all the time so at least i can have a break and actually go out.

I've also been thinking of cutting down on the make up. Since it would be a massive shocker if my friends and stuff see me without make up, i'd feel embarrassed >_<" My boyfriend has seen me without make up and prefers me without it, but for me personally i feel more confident with make up on. Now ive started to realise a bit that i cant always rely on make up. So im going to try and use more skin products to make my skin better, so that i'll be able to feel confident with good healthy make up free skin ^_^ It also does take sometime in the morning and stuff to get ready, for me it takes about 15 minutes or so. So anyway, ill try purchasing more skin products and give some feed back on how i think. :)