Thursday, November 11, 2010

So close to Christmas!

The year is going by so quick. Every year in the city, there is always a Christmas pageant event being held and its happening this coming Saturday!!! i wanted to go this year and watch it for the first time with my boyfriend so that we can see it and also cause we get to use colourful chalk and write on the roads ~~~~(>_<)~~~~  unfortunately i have work so i wont be able to make it! ~~(╯﹏╰)b

Im so tempted to buy new clothes aswell! (as you can see, im always wearing tshirts and some sort of pants all the time) im constantly being reminded not to buy any clothes since ill be going to interstate next week cause my older sister is getting married and also because ill be going to China next year in August or September, and since majority of things are made in China and there is more things to buy, then that means i just need to continue saving up! and only purchase things that i really need \(^o^)/ . . .oh, and i love the colour pink! honestly, i find myself having quite a lot of pink items ( ⊙ o ⊙ )!should probably start getting a range of colours...

But since im starting to break out and my cleanser is running out ive decided to try Pro active and positive feed back so far on it is that its doing good on my face! yay! although in the first couple days it tends to dry out your face, but i read the booklet and it said that the face is getting use to it and it has for me. So go Pro Active! by the way, Katy Perry was on one of the Pro Active booklets!! i absolutely adore her! O(∩_∩)O~~

Anyway, i went through my phone to clean up and get some space and found some pretty cool things i am proud i have ill end todays blog with some photos of my accomplishments on my phones.. which hopefully they'll lead me somewhere good in the future somehow╭(╯3╰)╮

Random picture i drew, when i was suppose to be finishing off an assignment

Green tea spongecake with cream :) 

The fake telephone i made, it reminds me of Barbie!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweet Life

Recently i was walking around in the store and found this room perfume, it was on sale so i thought oh what the hell ill just buy it. The room spray smells so nice and the bottle looks so cute. Ive sprayed my room so many times with this and also went around my house spraying like crazy hahaha so now my house smells yummy 

(*^◎^*) and since my headphones screwed up and i havent listened to my mp3 for a very long time, my boyfriend remembered and got me a pair of cute Gumy headphones. Even though they look so cute, the sound quality isnt that great, but oh well i have headphones now which means my mp3 is back in use! 


On the same day i also had to buy new pair of thongs, since my other pairs all died cause my mum left them outside through out winter and the thongs are all weird now ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ i bought my boyfriend a pair of thongs remembering how he kept saying he needed new ones so i bought him a pair that would be really comfortable in the summer and since i needed a pair he bought me one and they were matching! mines white/silver his is grey/black. They look really bulky, but i love it cause they're suprisingly quite comfortable.

By the way,my sisters boyfriend came back on Sunday with a box of donuts!! yum yum yum \(^o^)/~ I only had one and the rest of the donuts were gone so quick! 

The weather today and yesterday was the same degrees, BUT it was so different! 
yesterday was nice and sunny then all of a sudden today it was cold and gloomy (╯﹏╰)Iwore a navy blue/grey jackets, checkered shirt, shorts, tights with golden polka dots on the side and Uggs. It kept me warm all day (∩_∩) please please gloomy days...go away!!!