Wednesday, May 18, 2011

★Busy Busy Busy! *pic heavy*?★

Hello everyone!!! its been a while since ive blogged! how is everyone? well i'd just like to say im sorry but i will be busier in the weeks coming because my work hours have increased and the University work is piling on as well. So i'll try my best to blog when i get the chance.
Anyway, i'll give some brief info on everything!
So far, i haven't been out. The last time i went out was to my friends birthday party! and it was really really really fun! her theme was black, white or red. So i just wore a black dress, since it was the easiest and suitable color for me.

The night was just fabulous, her family put in so much effort for the decorating of her birthday cake and sweets, it was just simply amazing!!! we went out clubbing after wards and it was really fun, even though the bar was just so full of people i couldn't go and grab myself a drink, but hey i didn't let that ruin my night! so i just danced the night away~~

Since winter is coming, i don't have a lot of winter clothes, majority are summer. So with money left over from work i bought a nice pearled collar top. I absolutely love creamy knitted things for winter! I also bought another big woolen top with lovely dangling things at the bottom. Reminds me of a poncho, but i absolutely love it! ... ok random thought...but im still thinking about if i should dye my hair or not! ahhhh!! yes or no? hmmmm (-_-") if yes then i want to do it before my boyfriend comes back!

some scans were from Cherri-pop blog! she has an awesome blog!

Another thing i love are leggings! I know there's this big controversial things happening about how people hate girls wearing leggings especially if they're fat, but i really love them! they're really comfortable and i guess it depends on how you wear them as well? i tend to wear mine if my shirts are longer and goes past my bum. cause i feel real bad if i just wear leggings as pants and you can see how tight the leggings are on my butt. hahaha anyway besides all that blabbing, i needed a pair of tights, and there were sales so i bought 2! black colored since that was the only one. I seem to have bought a lot and seem to spend all my money on things, but dont worry! i actually have been saving and being a good money planner! so let's hope this continues. So in order for me to save money, ive been buying groceries so that i don't need to go out and spend money on food when im at University. I bought soooo much snacks! and noodles cause they're filling and super nice to have in Winter or pretty much just when your hungry.

by the way just posting it out there, i miss my boyfriend so much!! he's been away for about 2 months now (T^T) just need to wait a couple more weeks and he'll be back! patience is a virtue i guess (>_<")

happy Cooper with flash! in mummy's lap

all curled up nice and warm

sleepy head

stretching out!

"naaaw i want to have some pocky too mummy!"
hope to blog again soon everyone!!! (^_^)/