Monday, August 15, 2011

★lesson learnt★

Hey everyone!!!

yes it has been an extremely long time since i've posted because my camera broke...i accidently sat on it when the camera was on and its lens were out =_=" yeap real smart of me. Anyway, nothing much has happened. Just that University has started again and I've ran out of my BB cream... oh yeah... forgot to post about the BB cream i tried out. So i'll just do a little rant about it now, since i don't think it'll be long.

The BB cream i used was called Skin 79 Super Blemish Balm Triple Function. It says it has a whitening effect and covers and makes the skin all nice. To be honest it really didn't cover much of my flaws and it only makes your skin white when you apply it, then later your skin just looks bleh after taking it off, but on the other hand it didn't make me break out at all. So i guess its alright. I'm always afraid when i use foundation or BB creams it'll make me break out, since i have acne prone skin (oh how i envy those with goddess skin). I want to try Shu Umera Architecture foundation...(i think that's what it's called) >_<"  apparently it's really good and doesn't make you break out, plus there's plenty of colors for different skin tones, especially asian skin! THANK GOD! i find it hard to look for foundation and all that stuff for my skin cause its asian skin and its a tad yellower brown. Now im trying the Covergirl natural look. I'll use it for a while and see how my skin goes, if its a no go, then ill try Shu Umera.

I also bought the DejaVu Fiberwig Mascara and loving it! still havent really tried the Moist Labo Mineral powder yet, but hopefully i will and it goes well >_<"

So i made a goal to not go out when University starts, 3 weeks in it was all good, didn't even go out clubbing or anything for my birthday and.........IT FAILED! the consequences? a fat swollen ankle! BUT! it was super fun!!! and glad to catch up with my friends again. and yes lesson learnt. STICK TO YOUR GOAL!

I've just recently gotten a pair of contact lenses as a birthday present from my sister! and it'll be the first time ever to wear contacts! so im pretty excited! but i've got no occasion to wear them cause im stuck at home from my swollen ankle. So my next post is going to be about my new contact lenses! and i'll post some pictures up in the next post of my presents. WOOOOOO ^_^

I also made my first Omurice! well its kind of like Omurice, but without the rice..hahaha i couldn't be bothered cooking rice and waiting for it to boil, so i just had mixed veggies instead. It was still really nice tho! TA-DA! i'm actually amazed at the shape cause i cooked it in a pot not a pan hahaha anyway shall finish my post off with more COOPER!!

look at him staring at me >:] but i can't help but not be scared cause he's adorable!
Attempting to jump off the bed! and say hello to my awesome PJ pants!

hahaha! BAM! ugly snap of my swollen ankle, btw i don't know how to work my new camera, so bare with me.

See you all again soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

★the crazy holidays begin★

Hello everyone!~ yes it has felt like forever since i have blogged, but i have my reasons (^_^) University work was my top priority! and i had so much assignments and an exam to study for, but since that is over......for now......i am free to relax and go nuts cause im on holidays! well......not really go nuts since i still have to work as well, booooo. Anyway, re-cap on whats has happened recently...NOTHING! jokes, my boyfriend is back from China.....ok i don't know if i've already mentioned it in my other post, but yes. my boyfriend is back from China! and it's really really really nice to have him back. We went to watch Hangover 2 and go out and eat together every week. it's been great (^_^)

outfit for my friends birthday party
was trying to go for this look for friends party

birthday girl on the top right :)
my boyfriend and i

best girlies drinking at my place on Friday

silly face :P

random shot taken by my friend on wednesday

best girlies i know since year 2

So, last week was majorly hectic cause i had to go out with my friends on Wednesday, since i haven't seen them for about 2 or 3 months, then i was suppose to meet up with my friends on thursday, but i felt so sick from the night that i couldn't go. I felt so bad, i have to make it up to them sometime this week. Friday i had work, then i had to quickly get home and get ready cause i had to go out with another group of friends from high school, gosh was it crazy! and i had work the next day.......but had to call in sick.......yes, bad girl. I can't believe all these friendship meet ups were on, on the same week! and i couldn't bail out cause they organized it for quite sometime. Then yesterday, i had a friends birthday party to go to. It was so fun! honestly, i haven't had this much fun ever since university terms begin. So this is my time to relax and have fun i guess. maybe i just need to stay down low for the time, since my body really can't take another crazy night out at the moment. it is killing me!

lol and since it has been killing me, i have allowed myself to get hooked onto another drama. yes, another drama! this time im not watching a Japanese one, im watching a Korean one. It's called 'My Princess' and its awesome! i think most drama stories end up having this love triangle thing, but it's just so addictive and i love it! i still have a heart and mind of a child. Seriously, yes, dramas sometimes are corny, but come on! don't you agree they're great to watch! hahahaha

Cooper leaning on the front seat in the car!


Cooper meets Cooper

found him sleeping under my chair after a long day making friends

And now i'll end my kind of quick post with Cooper's day out! I went to a dog park, with a friend and his dog named Marco. very adorable shall i say hehe and Marco and Cooper became really good friends, they were together most of the time and had each others back. Cooper met another Cooper at the dog park as well! it was real cute. I'll probably need to take Cooper to the dog park again with my boyfriend so he can see how many cute doggies there are!

cute photo my sister boyfriend took of Cooper

Monday, June 13, 2011

★Kenchanayoh's Giveaway!★

Hello everyone!

Ken chan is having a surprise giveaway for his coming birthday!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

★Busy Busy Busy! *pic heavy*?★

Hello everyone!!! its been a while since ive blogged! how is everyone? well i'd just like to say im sorry but i will be busier in the weeks coming because my work hours have increased and the University work is piling on as well. So i'll try my best to blog when i get the chance.
Anyway, i'll give some brief info on everything!
So far, i haven't been out. The last time i went out was to my friends birthday party! and it was really really really fun! her theme was black, white or red. So i just wore a black dress, since it was the easiest and suitable color for me.

The night was just fabulous, her family put in so much effort for the decorating of her birthday cake and sweets, it was just simply amazing!!! we went out clubbing after wards and it was really fun, even though the bar was just so full of people i couldn't go and grab myself a drink, but hey i didn't let that ruin my night! so i just danced the night away~~

Since winter is coming, i don't have a lot of winter clothes, majority are summer. So with money left over from work i bought a nice pearled collar top. I absolutely love creamy knitted things for winter! I also bought another big woolen top with lovely dangling things at the bottom. Reminds me of a poncho, but i absolutely love it! ... ok random thought...but im still thinking about if i should dye my hair or not! ahhhh!! yes or no? hmmmm (-_-") if yes then i want to do it before my boyfriend comes back!

some scans were from Cherri-pop blog! she has an awesome blog!

Another thing i love are leggings! I know there's this big controversial things happening about how people hate girls wearing leggings especially if they're fat, but i really love them! they're really comfortable and i guess it depends on how you wear them as well? i tend to wear mine if my shirts are longer and goes past my bum. cause i feel real bad if i just wear leggings as pants and you can see how tight the leggings are on my butt. hahaha anyway besides all that blabbing, i needed a pair of tights, and there were sales so i bought 2! black colored since that was the only one. I seem to have bought a lot and seem to spend all my money on things, but dont worry! i actually have been saving and being a good money planner! so let's hope this continues. So in order for me to save money, ive been buying groceries so that i don't need to go out and spend money on food when im at University. I bought soooo much snacks! and noodles cause they're filling and super nice to have in Winter or pretty much just when your hungry.

by the way just posting it out there, i miss my boyfriend so much!! he's been away for about 2 months now (T^T) just need to wait a couple more weeks and he'll be back! patience is a virtue i guess (>_<")

happy Cooper with flash! in mummy's lap

all curled up nice and warm

sleepy head

stretching out!

"naaaw i want to have some pocky too mummy!"
hope to blog again soon everyone!!! (^_^)/